Maizie's Road To College

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The Plan

To be honest I have no idea what I really want to do in life.
Theres no doubt that figuring out what I wish to practily do until the day I die should be the first thing to figure out before
I think about where to presew that disire. But I'm only a kid, ive only lived about 5,850 days, and for the majority of those
I was occupied on which doll I could persuade my mom to get me next. But as if it were yesterday, today I am expiecte to have
everything figured out and ready to live life independntly. Dont get me wrong, I am an independent person who loves control.
Buutttt that is terrifying knowing that I will litarly have to pay a ridicouls ammount of money to be sent off to a shcool to train for who knows what.

Anyways, regardless of that, I still have at least some idea of things I could see myself doing as a profession

googley eyes :)

although the real important thing is to find out what I love and can do for the rest of my life. For exmapke
i lovveveve suhi, and if it were a job to eat it for the rest of my life, sign me up! Like sushi is the ultuimante food. People who dont
like it can gladly leave, because I WANT To be in the pressence of people who have good tate buds and personalities.
The combo of rice and fish and veggies are bomb. absolutky bomb.